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Andrew James Bread Maker

Andrew James Bread Maker

Overview of the Andrew James Bread Maker

In a world dominated by hundreds or thousands of bread makers produced by different manufacturers, picking the right one is probably going to be a tall order if not an impossible one. They all have their own sets of the most ideal features which again confuses potential buyers. However, one bread maker stands tall from the crowd, the Andrew James Bread Maker. It comes bundled with an array of tantalizing features which are not only guaranteed to help you easily prepare you bread but also to help you make the finest bread in town.

This bread maker stands out for its extraordinary features. The Andrew James Breadmaker has numerous superior features to allow you to make extremely fresh and tasty bread and cakes. Besides, the bread maker comes with a 2-year warranty and pizza dough’s and homemade jams. Other notable features that set this bread maker aside from other bread makers include; a 1 hour keep warm function, a 13-hour programmable delay timer, numerous loaf crust and size options, 12 digital programmes, an automatic nut and fruit dispensing function and an instruction manual composed of numerous recipes. The Andrew James Breadmaker clearly deserves to be one of the top rated bread makers in the market today.


Andrew James Bread Maker Key Features

Even before we look into its built in features, its impressive design and quality of build material is enough to make you drool all over it. It features an all round stainless steel construction which not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but it also makes it very durable. However, the upper side of this bread maker is made of black hardened plastic which adds a splash of creative design and breaks the monotony of the stainless steel construction. The plastic upper side also houses some of the bread maker’s instruments such as the wide LCD screen and controls.

Next up on the feature list is the Auto raisin/nut feature. Traditionally, preparing bread involved baking it in an oven for some time before removing it and adding some toppings to it and finally sending it back to continue baking. In the end, the bread would fail to bake properly. Fortunately, with the Andrew James bread maker, all you need to do is place your nuts or raisins in the upper compartment and the bread maker will do the rest of the job for you. How great is that?

Andrew James BreadmakerBeing versatile is also another feature that the Andrew James bread maker is famed for. It has 12 optional preparation programs which are great if you are looking to kill up to 12 birds with a single push. These programs allow you to create different types of baked goods including pizza dough, cakes, jam as well as different types of bread. That’s not all. It also allows you to create your very own set of instructions for preparing something that has not been preset.

When it comes to bread size, you are not limited to a single size only. The Andrew James bread maker has settings which allows you to bake bread of either 700g or 900g. It also lets you pick the color of the crust namely light, medium or dark.

Last but certainly not the least feature is the delay timer function. It has a thirteen (13) hour delay timer which slows down the bread baking time. So, why would I want to slow down my baking time? This feature comes in handy when you want to have fresh bread by the time you wake up. Simply place your bread to bake before you sleep and be sure to be greeted by an inviting scent of fresh bread in the morning.


It’s been often said that some reviewers are fond of exaggerating the qualities of a particular product only for customers to end up buying products that are not up to their expected levels and sadly this is true. In this case, we recommend that you head over to Amazon and read all the reviews from satisfied customers and we guarantee you that you will be amazed at how incredible this device is!

Despite its inviting and mouth watering features, this device is not perfect. Its initial price was a minor set back considering that there were other far much superior bread makers in this price range compared to the Andrew James bread maker. However, fortunes have changed. There are numerous offers for this product that are very well priced on Amazon.

Parts, Support and Warranty

It’s always a shame when companies produce exceptional products but fail to factor in the aspect of spare parts availability in the event that your device ceases to function properly. Fortunately, Andrew James has your back on this. All the spare parts for this device are sold on Amazon exclusively by the manufacturer. However, if you have any inquiry concerning the device you can either go over the manual provided or contact the support team. The support team details are provided on Andrew James’ official website. Andrew James bread maker comes with a two year fixed warranty.

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All in all, the Andrew James bread maker is arguably one of the best bread maker appliances on the market. It packs a host of useful features such as beautiful design, automatic raisin/nut dispenser and an unbeatable price tag. This is definitely one of the best bread makers on the market!

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