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The Top 10 Best Bread Bins

Our picks for the 10 best bread bins are high-quality, stylish and functional units that are designed to prolong the freshness and life of your bread by providing a controlled environment that allows the bread to breathe while trapping warm air inside. These units also do a great job at keeping insects and bugs away from your bread and your kitchen counters clutter-free. They feature different designs that add character and style to all types of kitchens; and are available in several material options, including: wooden (oak, bamboo, acacia), metallic (steel, stainless steel, and carbon steel), enamelware, and ceramic. In addition, all of our top picks are quite affordable and won’t leave a huge dent in your pocket.

Mountain Woods Honey Oak Rattan Bread Box

Wooden Bread Box

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Made from plantation grown hardwood, the Large Honey Oak bread box from Mountain Woods possesses superior quality, functionality and versatility combined with beautiful design. This beautiful, timeless piece is accented with rattan and a rich, golden brown honey oak finish. It features a flip-down magnetic lid and an ample storage space to keep all of your breads and other baked food items fresh for longer.


Wesco Grandy Bread/Storage Box

Wesco Bread Box!

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The “Grandy” bread box features a classic mid-century design that will add a touch of retro style to your kitchen. It is designed by Wesco in Germany using the highest quality powder coated steel so you can enjoy German quality at a great price. The metal handle and hinges add to its convenience, while the ventilation holes found at the back ensure the contents remain fresh.


Brushed Stainless Steel Rolltop 2-Loaf Capacity Bread Box

Stainless Steel Bread Box!

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This stainless steel bread bin from Imperial Home is approximately 16-1/2 inches by 10 inches by 8 inches, allowing it to compactly hold two loaves. It features a dark interior that keeps baked goods fresher for longer. The door on the rolltop design glides smoothly so you can open or close it easily, and the brushed stainless steel nicely complements your kitchen décor.


Mountain Woods Large Acacia Wood Roll Top Bread Box

Roll Top Bread Box!

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The Large Acacia Wood Rolltop bread box is another top notch product from Mountain Woods that is highly versatile, functional and attractive. It is very well designed to help prolong the freshness of baked goods and quite large so you can have ample storage space to keep your kitchen organized and clutter free. The ergonomic rolltop cover lifts easily, allowing you quick access to your delicious bakes.


Tuscany French Modern, Hand Painted Kitchen Bread Box/Toast Jar

Ceramic Bread Box!

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Combining beauty and functionality, this hand painted glazed ceramic bread bin is great for kitchens that favor beautiful curves over hard edges or those that are looking for that extra bit of glamour. It has real rustic charm and would look right at home in any country kitchen. The glazed ceramic bread bin can hold one loaf of bread, and is dishwasher safe.


Jamie Oliver Vintage Inspired Tip Bread Box

Vintage Bread Box!

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This bread box will instantly add some retro style to your kitchen decor. It comes with a flat wooden lid that doubles as a bread board. The grooved underside ensures the lid stays in place and also acts as a crumb catcher for the “bread board”. It’s made of high-quality carbon steel and finished with cream and classic sky blue color scheme with stainless steel detailing.


My Gift Modern Red Metal Clear Front Window Rolltop 2 Loaf Bread Box

Metal Bread Box!

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This modern rolltop bread bin comes with a sleek design and features a clear front window, so you can look inside the bin without opening having to open it. Its spacious interior holds two loaves of bread and keeps them fresh for longer. The door on the rolltop opens and closes easily, keeping your baked goods safely stored whilst also allowing you easy access to your baked goods.


Enamelware Decorative Bread Box

Enamel Bread Box!

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The Enamelware Decorative Bread box delivers a lovely vintage-look characterized by its white enamel finish and dark-colored distressed edges. It measures 9 inches by 10-1/2 inches by 7 inches that can hold one loaf of bread. The heavy enamelware ensures that it’s not only proficient at keeping baked goods fresh, but also very strong, smooth and easy to clean.


Blue Donuts Bamboo Bread Box

Bamboo Bread Box

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The bamboo bread box from Blue Donuts is crafted from the highest quality bamboo to bring you the best possible quality bamboo wooden bread bin for the money. It comes with all the features and best looks and quality that you would expect from a premium bamboo bread box. With extra thick bamboo that is stronger than maple, roomy interior, and an elegant design, this bamboo bread box helps preserve freshness and makes an attractive addition to any kitchen.


Mountain Woods Acacia Antique Style Bread Box

Antique Wooden Bread Box!

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The Extra Large Acacia Wooden Antique Style bread box complements traditional and contemporary decor and can be a stylish addition to any kitchen. It provides ample storage space to hold a couple of loaves of bread. The grown acacia hardwood construction, a magnetic flip-down door with metal and rattan accents and the thoughtful styling by experts at Mountain Woods makes this bread box very versatile, functional and beautiful.