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There are many things to consider to capture the best bread machine buy. Our bread machine buying guide outlines features to  consider for your purchase.

Rather than run to the store every single time you want a fresh loaf of bread, you can just make your own. For those wondering how they can bake bread in a traditional conventional oven when cooking is not really their forte, an alternative to a traditional oven exists. Buying a top

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quality homemade bread machine makes the entire process a whole lot easier. No matter what type of bread you wish to make, you can do so. Best of all, the process is a very easy one. As long as you purchase the right bread machine, there really should not be any

All you have to do is look for a few simple traits in the bread maker. The following bread machine buying guide tips should definitely be able to aid your purchasing decision.trouble with making nice selections of homemade bread. Sure, it might take a bit of time to get the hang of the process. As long as you have the best bread machine for your needs, getting the hang of things should not take very long at all.

Bread Machine Physical Size & Pan Shape

Each and every bread machine is going to be a little bit different. This is because each variation of a bread machine is going to serve a unique purpose. So, you do have to define some of your own needs and then find the best machine that matches what you are looking for.

Bread Machine Special Pans

The first criteria to examine would be the actual physical size of the bread machine. There is a twofold reason for selecting the right size machine. The first is the size of the machine has to be appropriate for the size of the loafs of bread you wish to make. If you only wish to cook a few small loafs of bread, there is no reason to buy an over-sized bread machine.

The other reason you have to select the right size machine is because you do not want to buy a bread maker you simple do not have room for. If the machine is too big for the counter or cannot easily fit away in a cabinet, then it is just not going to be the right match for your kitchen.If you are shy of counter space, you may want to consider one of the smaller machines. As well, some are a bit heavier than others so if you have to lift it into an overhead storage cabinet, you should consider this.

Loaf size is also important. Different machines can accommodate different sizes of bread. Select a machine that can make the size of a loaf of bread you are most likely going to cook.

What size loaves will the bread maker make? 1, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5 lb loaves. I guess a better way to think of this is in terms of slices. A typical loaf of bread has 20 slices. Roughly and depending on how thick or thin you slice your bread the number of pounds equates like this:

  • 1.0 lb Loaf = 8 slices
  • 1.5 lb Loaf = 12 slices
  • 2.0 lb Loaf = 16 slices
  • 2.5 lb Loaf = 20 slices

Typically loaf pans are rectangular in shape. They are also available with square pans and also cylindrical in shape. The pan surfaces are normally non stick. I personally prefer the traditional rectangular loaf.


Viewing Window

There are a number of performance oriented features a good bread machine will possess. First, it must have a decent Viewing Window. With a clear and sizable viewing window, you can always tell if the bread is cooking fine and the crust is coloring. Burning the bread becomes less likely when all you have to do is look through the window and see how it is coming along. If you are opening the lid frequently this will affect temperature and thus affect the quality of the bread.


Add-Ingredients Signal

If you plan on making special bread such as bread with nuts or other special ingredients, then consider one with a timer that will beep and remind you when to add your ingredients. The Add-Ingredients Signal can be a huge help when the ingredients to the bread have to be added in at different points in the bread’s cooking cycle.


Bread Maker Rapid Bake Option

The Rapid Bake and the Fast Bake options are going to be appealing to someone who might not have a lot of time to cook a loaf of bread. As the name suggests, these features are intended to speed up the amount of time it takes to cook a loaf. Look closely at the particulars of this feature when thinking about buying a bread machine because the actual rate of speed is going to vary from model to model.

If you have a big family and you are less concerned with how fancy you can make your bread and are more interested in how many loaves of bread you can cook each day, then make sure you buy one with a rapid bake option.


Pre-programmed Settings

A bread machine with pre-programmed settings is another good feature to consider. Not everyone is an expert with making bread and pre-programmed settings. A quality bread machine can come with upwards of 12 pre-programmed settings. Picking the right settings for selections such as wheat, whole grain, white, french, raisin, or other types of bread ensure they are cooked right.


Dough Cycle

Bread makers have the ability to make the dough without cooking it which is useful for . The Dough Cycle is a unique feature for those who shape their dough by hand. Basically, the dough can be removed from the bread machines, shaped, and then moved into an oven. For those who like making making pizza dough or rolls, this is a nice function to be able to access.


Crust Control

Crust Control is another beneficial feature for the machine to have. It ensures the crust of the bread never gets to burnt or browned nor does it end up too light.


Types of Dough

What types of dough can my bread maker produce? The most basic model has settings for whole wheat, multigrain and white bread. Can my machine prepare dough for pizza or a bagel ? The Types of Dough the bread machine can cook should be looked at carefully as well. You definitely want the machine to be able to cook the particular dough for the type of bread you are most interested in.


Resume Function

The Resume Function can be a help when the power goes out. If there is a power outage, the resume function ensures the bread machine will turn on again and back to the settings present before the power went out.


Bread Machine Delay Timer

A Delay Timer can also be a help. Certain models may have timers that can be set upwards of 13 hours in advance. So, if you are stepping out for three hours, you can put the dough in the bread machine and set the timer to turn on in two. When you arrive home at the third hour, the bread will already be cooked.

Of course bread tastes best when it is still warm so if this is important to you look for this feature to keep your bread warm and to determine the delay time for starting the process.


Bread Machine Fast Bake Option

If you are the type that just wants simple fast delicious bread and do not want anything fancy then look for this feature.


Preheat Cycle

A Preheat Cycle is very helpful since it warms necessary ingredients to room temperature. This makes making bread dough a lot quicker and easier.


Additional Items and Accessories

A good bread machine is going to come with a number of additional accessories that ensure cooking a loaf of bread is easier. These accessories can include recipe booklets, bread paddles, measuring spoons, measuring cups, and a kneading blade. Special pans designed to accommodate different types of breads are a nice inclusion. They are even better when they are of the nonstick variety.


Breadmaker Support

Online Breadmaker Support is another major plus. This special feature can ensure no one ever gets stuck when they run into problems using the bread machine.

  • What is the customer service like?
  • Are the parts easily available if something breaks?
  • What is the warranty period



A cursory reading of this bread machine buying guide should quickly reveal a few major points. You need the right size machine for the right type of bread and the machine should come with necessary features that making cooking the bread easier. Once you can find the machine that matches those specifics, you can make a proper buying decision.

Consider all of these functions and options so you end up with the best bread machine buy! Learn how to make bread with a bread machine!