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Can You Save Money Using a Bread Maker?

Bread Making With A Bread Machine- The purpose of this page is to help you weigh the benefits of making your own bread. Although it may not be for everyone, I believe that the health benefits and the cost savings outweigh the convenience factor of buying bread from a store. Can you really save money by bread making with a bread machine? Absolutely, but there are many variables to consider. Some people will want to study everything and other folks will want to just get a general idea. I am somewhere in the middle. The purpose of the bread price calculator is not to necessarily calculate an exact number, but to help you decide if buying a bread machine is worth it for you.

 Step One : Calculate How Much It Will Cost In Electricity For The New Bread Machine

Enter Electricty Cost For Baking a 2.5 lb loaf of bread

 Step Two: Enter The Estimated Cost of Ingredients That You Will Use In Your New Bread Machine

1 cup warm water

2 tablespoons white sugar

1 (.25 ounce) package bread machine yeast

1/4 cup vegetable oil

3 cups bread flour

1 teaspoon salt

Other Ingredient One

Other Ingredient Two

Other Ingredient Three

Other Ingredient Four

Other Ingredient Five

Estimated cost for making a 2.5 lb loaf (Avg. 20 Slices) in a bread machine including electricity

 Step Three: Enter Your Information So You Can See Your Cost Savings In Buying a Bread Machine

Enter cost of store bought bread in your area

Enter the cost of the bread machine that you are thinking on buying

Enter the number of loaves of bread that you eat on average per week

 Step Four: This Is How Much You Will Save By Purchasing A Bread Machine

I currently buy this many loaves per year from the store

It costs me this much to buy bread from a store each year

It will cost me this much per year for bread if I use my bread machine regularly

If I use my bread machine regularly I will save this much per year

If I use my bread machine for 5 years I will save myself

Number of years to pay for my new bread machine by not buying store bought bread and making bread in my bread machine



Other considerations in your evaluation of “to buy or not to buy” may be:

  • The taste of homemade bread vs. bought. For example there is an appealing reward when you make something yourself; Can’t find your favourite bread at the store? One advantage is with a bread machine you never have to worry about not finding your favourite loaf of bread; Going to a dinner party and wondering what to bring? Fresh cinnamon bread maybe? Another small savings so you do not have to buy it and your host will appreciate a personal gift for dinner.
  • You can save further by purchasing your yeast and flour in bulk or even making your own yeast if you are really keen.

bread making savings

  • If you enjoy baking other things like cinnamon rolls,  pizza dough, and fresh rolls then you will save even more money by using your bread machine instead of buying it at a store.
  • Some people will argue that it is too much work to make bread, but consider this – If you are even a bit organized with your kitchen It only takes about five minutes to measure your ingredients and simply press start on your machine. Cleanup for a bread machine is also a minimal amount of work.
  • One of the strongest considerations for baking your own bread is the health benefits. Store bought bread is laden with additives and preservatives. Eating these ingredients over a lifetime does not seem very appealing.
  • All loaves are not created equal – there are many types of bread you can make in your bread machine and some will cost more than others.
  • The Bread Saving Calculator below pre-populates some variables with default values in case you don’t want to calculate these yourself. The default values will populate in the fields when the Reset button is clicked.
  • Note: the depreciation factor of bread machines and the energy costs for cleaning your bread equipment are not included in the calculations.
  • All in all, for myself, the cost savings is a nice benefit of making my own bread, but it is the taste, the quality and the health considerations that are the primary reasons for purchasing a bread machine.