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Bread Slicer Guide

Our pick of the top bread slicer guide products are all designed to allow you to cut perfectly uniform slices of bread every time in the size you want. These bread slicers are typically strong and feature a solid construction or base that keeps the product in place when cutting and helps maintain its safety. But they come with varying features and are made of a variety of materials, including: solid hard maple, bamboo, plastic, hardwood and acrylic as well as stainless steel and maple wood. Two of the models have a crumb catcher that will catch the crumbs to keep countertops clean.


Bread Slicer Elite

Brushed Stainless Steel Guide and Maple Wood Bread Board

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This bread slicer is actually hand-crafted, which enables it to deliver perfectly smooth easy cuts and uniform slices. It features brushed stainless steel (food grade) and a hard maple wooden bread board. The solid maple hardwood base and the polished stainless steel produce an elegant design and sturdy construction that set this bread slicer apart from the rest.


Norpro Bread Slicer Guide With Crumb Catcher

Home Bread Slicer!

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The Norpro Bread Slicer and Guide comes with a row of parallel acrylic slots nicely spaced to match the standard 1/2 inch thick slice of bread. The slots keep the blade running true all the way to the bottom of the crust. Crumbs fall into the crumb-catcher base – which is made of hardwood, providing a solid base to keep the slicer in one place when cutting.


TOOGOO Kitchen Pro Bread Loaf Slicer

Manual Bread Slicer!

New From: $3.50 USD In Stock
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The Kitchen Pro bread slicer from TOOGOO is a very practical bread slicer made with functionality in mind. Made from plastic, it allows you to cut perfect, even slices every time with ease. It also comes with a crumb catcher for easy cleanup. Just turn the slicer guide over to empty the crumbs. The Kitchen pro bread slicer can accommodate loaves that are up to 6-1/3 inches wide.


Skater Multi-functional Bread Slicer

Bread Slicing Guide!

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The Multi-functional bread slicer from Skater is not only easy to use, but also features thick strong plastic that makes it relatively sturdy, safer, and more functional compared to other plastic models out there. Being multifunctional, you can use it to cut the regular bread (12cm W x 15cm H), cheese or ham into four different thickness sizes: 1cm, 1.5cm, 2cm, or 2.5cm. Its simple but innovative design makes it very easy to clean and store.


Adjustable Bread Keeper

Bread Slicer For Home Use!

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This expandable bread box that comes with a slicer guide not only allows you to keep bread fresh, but also get perfect size slices of bread every time, anytime you want. Because the bread keeper is retractable, it provides a perfect storage solution if you have limited counter space or don’t want a large bread bin. This bread keeper is also durable, easy to clean and dishwasher safe.


Maple Bread Slicer Classic

Bread Slicers For Homemade Bread!

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The Maple Bread Slicer from Bread Slicer Depot is a high-quality bread slicer that combines high functionality with durability. It’s built with really thick maple that gives it unmatched sturdiness, grip and “heft”. The frame it extremely strong and durable, while the extra thick maple means it will never move when you’re cutting those perfect slices. It is also a very stylish bread slicer and will definitely make a great addition to any kitchen area.



DB-Tech Bamboo Wood Compact Foldable BreadSlicer

Compact & Foldable Bread slicer!

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The Bamboo Wooden Compact Foldable Bread slicer from DBTech is your perfect solution for achieving even slices of home-made bread. You can easily slice any bread and make perfect slices by simply placing it on the slicer and guiding the knife along the pattern on it. It features three groove sizes, allowing you to slice three different slice sizes: 1.2cm, 1.0cm, and 0.8m. And as the name suggests, it is made of bamboo wood with a design that allows it to fold easily to facilitate compact storage. This makes it extremely durable, easy to handle, and easy to store.