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Country Living Grain Mill

Country Living Grain Mill Review

The country living grain mill stands out as one of the best hand grain mills in the market today judging from its superior features and numerous positive customer reviews online. For instance, the grain mill has tonnes of positive customer reviews online. The grain mill also has many superior features i.e. a strong and solid aluminium construction that makes the grain mill unbelievably strong and durable. The grain mill also has an FDA approved coating for extra safety.

One of the best things about the mill is the ease with which you can mount it. Mounting just requires a couple of c-clamps and you can securely fasten the entire mill onto a wooden board on the counter, or attach it somewhere where the big size will not be a problem, like the garage. However, for those who have a larger kitchen space, they have the option of permanently attaching the mill to a free counter.


A Solid & Compact Grain Mill!

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The country living grain mill is also very easy to crank and milling flour for a loaf of bread can be done in no time. The solid built and durable feel of the mill is also another advantage. The mill feels rugged and solid and you know that it is going to last for years. Users love the texture of the flour that this mill produces. Cheaper mills do not produce the kind of texture that the Country Living Hand mill produces, which is full and fine after the first pass. Whether you are milling grain for beer or bread, the final milling product will surely deliver the best material for both.

Furthermore, the country living grain mill comes with a lifetime warranty which is unmatched by most grain mills. To get more in-depth information on why the country living hand grain mill is the best of its kind, below is a detailed review discussing the grain mill’s unique positive features in detail among other important information i.e. what customers are saying, positive/negative reviews and the overall verdict.

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Country Living Grain Mill Details

Construction Features – The country living grain mill is made of strong solid cast aircraft aluminium. Other construction features include; double industrial sealed bearings, strong carbon steel grinding plates and a stainless steel shaft. All this features come together to make one of the most strong, rugged and durable hand mill in the market today. The hand grain mill also has a cast iron v-groove flywheel.

Safety Features – The hand grain mill comes with an FDA approved food grade powder coating that is 100% safe.

Flexibility Features – The mill is adjustable to allow grain milling into different consistencies from cracked grains to fine cake flour.

Warranty & Weight – The grain mill comes with a lifetime warranty and weighs 20.3 pounds.

What Customers Are Saying

There are countless positive customer reviews online about the country living hand grain mill. Many people who have bought the grain mill praise it for being the strongest and most durable hand grain mill in the market today. Customers love the strong aluminium construction as well as the strong bearings and grinding plates which are built to last for a lifetime. There are very many reviews endorsing the grain mill as the best hand grain mill in the market for individuals interested in lifetime service. This can be attested by the lifetime warranty you get when you buy the grain mill. Everyone who has bought the grain mill is confident they don’t have to buy another grain mill for life and so is the manufacturer which explains the timeless warranty.

The Country living grain mill has also been praised for grinding grain perfectly. Many customers love the fact that you can perform numerous grain grinding activities from cracking grain to making fine cake flour. The grain mill also stands out for being reasonably priced despite featuring superior features and being highly versatile. According to most customer reviews online, the country living grain mill is the most affordable of all hand grain mills today with inferior features.

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Negative Reviews

Although it is a daunting task trying to find negative reviews online about the country living grain mill, there are a few customers that aren’t happy with the grain mill for one or two reasons. For instance, there are a few people who feel the grain mill doesn’t look attractive. There are also a few customers who find the grain mill a bit heavy at 20.3 pounds.

In regards to attractiveness, the country living grain mill is better looking than most similar hand grain mills in the market today. This is according to most reviews about the grain mill on aesthetic appeal. Furthermore, grain mills are bought mostly for functionality in most households as opposed to buying them to uplift a kitchen’s aesthetic appeal. Also, most grain mills belong in stores as opposed to kitchen countertops so attractiveness shouldn’t be a major concern.

In regards to weight, the Country living grain mill is in fact lighter than most grain mills in the market today with similar superior construction features.

Summary & Recommendation

From the above Country living hand grain mill review, it’s obvious why the grain mill is favoured over most hand grain mills on sale today. The hand grain mill has a superior construction that makes the grain mill very versatile and durable. Despite the hand grain being unattractive and heavy to some customers, such cons can be overlooked when you consider what other similar hand grain mills look like as well as factor in the grain mill’s lifetime warranty and affordability. The Country Living grain mill is undoubtedly a strong buy.

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