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Victorio Grain Mill Review


Are you looking for a superior hand operated grain mill? If yes, look no further. There are very many hand grain mills in the market today but very few mill can match the Victorio VKP1012. The Victorio VKP1012 hand grain mill stands out for many things the most notable being the mill’s milling precision. The grain mill has superior milling cones that enable you to make the finest flour you can think off. Other notable features include the mill’s versatility, compact design and numerous positive customer reviews on Amazon.


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The mill has received high star ratings from over 50% of people who have bought and used the mill. Such ratings goes to show that most Victorio VKP1012 owners think highly of the mill. Why should you consider buying the victorio hand crank grain mill over many other hand operated grain mills? Below is a detailed review covering the main features of the grain mill, the negative/positive reviews, what customers are saying as well as the final verdict.

When it comes to making your own grain, you will need a wheat grinder. In the past, you would need a large wheel and a stone to accomplish this, and often times that is satirized in movies. Today, the archaic technology has gotten a lot better, and has created a far more compelling and easier to follow solution. That’s where the Victorio VKP1012 Hand Operated Grain Mill comes in handy. This easy to use option is one of the better reviewed options that you’re going to find on the market today. It’s affordable, compact, and can be stored with relative ease.

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Product Details On The Victorio VKP1012

Construction Features – The Victorio VKP1012 has a durable aluminum construction.

Design Features – The grain mill has a precision stainless milling cone specially designed to make the finest bread-quality flour. The mill is designed to grind rice, barley, wheat among other small, dry and hard grains perfectly. The mill is also  designed for easy placement and storage thanks to its compact design.

Usability Features – The mill has an adjustable milling cone for versatility as well as a wooden handle for easy handling.

Warranty – The Victorio VKP1012 comes with a 2 year warranty.

Dimensions & Weight – The Victorio VKP1012 measures 5.5 by 2.5 by 13 inches in dimensions and 2.8 pounds in weight.

Grinding With Precision

Unlike a coffee grinder or other options, this grain mill uses a hand crank. As you crank the handle forward, the gears inside produce friction to make dry herbs into a fine powdery flour that can then be utilized for a number of projects, including baking.

It’s sleek in design, and can be stored easily wherever you need it, including a drawer or cabinet in the home kitchen. It’s not just for herbs, you could easily use nuts, seeds, and even smaller dry items. Manual effort is required, but it’s not an impossible task. It’s not the same as a coffee grinder or blender with multiple blades. This manual solution will give you a good sense of confidence and connection with food overall.

What Customers Are Saying

As mentioned above, the victorio hand grain mill has very many positive customer reviews online. Many customers praise the grain mill for its prowess in producing the finest flour possible. Many customers love the fact that you can make super dust-like fine flour with the Victorio VKP1012. Many customers also love the fact that the grain mill features a superior aluminum construction that makes the mill very strong and durable.

The Victorio VKP1012 has also been praised widely for its versatility. There are many reviews praising the mill for being able to grind a variety of grains from rice to wheat and barley among many other small, dry and hard grains which are hard to grain perfectly with most hand grain mills in the market today. The mill is also praised for its usability. Many people who have bought the Victorio VKP1012 love the fact that the mill is easy to use thanks to its easily adjustable milling cone as well as its comfortable handle.

There are also many positive reviews on the grain mill’s compact and light weight design. Many customers like the mill’s light weight at 2.8 pounds only and compact design that allows easy placement and storage. Most customers also find the 2 year warranty to be adequate enough to allow proper testing.


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Negative Reviews

It’s a daunting task trying to find negative reviews about the Victorio VKP1012 which is unlike most hand operated grain mills. There are however a few negative reviews sprinkled online touching on the short warranty. Some customers feel the warranty is too short to allow adequate testing of the mill. Considering the fact that most hand mills come with a one year warranty (if any) this con doesn’t hold water.

Some customers also find the hand mill a bit tiring to use. For a hand operated hand mill, you obviously need to do some manual work. The effort required to mill with the Victorio VKP1012 is however minimal when you consider the specially designed and comfortable handle that is designed to do most of the work for you.

The Final Word On This Grain Mill

The above Victorio VKP1012 hand grain mill review proves why the mill is the best of its kind. The mill has better features than most similar hand grain mills in the market today. The grain mill also does a better job compared to similar grain mills. When you consider the grain mill’s durability, cheap pricing and 2 year warranty, the Victorio VKP1012 hand operated grain mill is a strong buy.

The overall build is a single body, and it’s 3/16” of aluminum casted so that you won’t be able to break it. The grinding head has incredible strength, and as you crank it, you’ll find that it most certainly gets the job done. It’s a strong overall, rust-proof design that gets the winning nod here.

If you want to make bread, you will enjoy this solution! It’s a good option, low cost, and sturdy!

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