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Tribest Wolfgang Grain Mill

Tribest Wolfgang Grain Mill Review

The Tribest Wolfgang KM 001 grain mill can easily qualify as the most uniquely designed grain mill in the market today given the fact that the grain mill is housed elegantly in a perfectly polished beechwood cabinet making the grain mill look as good as it performs. The elegant design also makes the grain mill blend perfectly in modern kitchens unlike most grain mills in the market today.


3.5 Ounces Per Minute Grinding Capacity!

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The Tribest Wolfgang grain mill also stands out because of superior features i.e. a powerful motor which makes the grain mill capable of grinding the toughest grains into fine flour. The Tribest Wolfgang KM 001 Grain Mill has many more features offering more benefits over most grain mills on sale today. For more information, below is a detailed review discussing everything you need to known.

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Wolfgang Mill Features

1. Power: The Tribest Wolfgang KM-001 Grain Mill has an industrial-strength motor.

2. Capacity: Capable of grinding 3.5 oz of grains per minute

3. Design Features: The grain mill is designed with ultra-hard ceramic & corundum grinding mechanisms which make it extremely fast and easy to grind the toughest grains.

4. Versatility: The grain mill’s grinding mechanisms can be infinitely adjusted to grind just about any kinds of grains you think off.

5. Construction: The Tribest Wolfgang Grain Mill is housed in a very beautiful wooden beech cabinet.

6. Product Dimensions & Weight: The Grain Mill measures 13.2 by 6 by 6 inches and weighs 15.4 pounds.

What Customers Are Saying

On Amazon alone, the Grain Mill has a very high rating after being reviewed by numerous customers who have bought the grain mill through the site. The majority of these reviews give the Tribest Wolfgang Grain Mill a high score. This is a clear sign that the grain mill is loved by almost everyone who has bought it. A more in-depth look at what customers love about the grain mill indicates that the Tribest Wolfgang Grain Mill scores highest on design and effectiveness.

Many people love the fact that the grain mill makes perfect flour of any consistency and coarseness you want and looks perfect on the kitchen countertop. Many owners love the sleek wooden housing that makes the grain mill perfect for any kitchen. The grain mill’s power has also been praised immensely. Many customers love the fact that the KM- 001 Grain Mill features a powerful industrial-strength motor that is capable of grinding the hardest grains to fine flour in record time. The perfect match of power and attractiveness is also a huge pro according to many reviews. Many people love the fact that the Tribest KM 001 Grain Mill performs at par with its looks.

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Pros of the Wolfgang Grain Mill

Very quiet – The Wolfgang grain mill is very quiet, especially compared to other mills such as the Vitamix. It is actually powered with an industrial motor which means that it never struggles no matter which grains you put through it. To make the grain mill even quieter make sure to keep it enclosed with the lid.

Produces ultra fine flour – If you are looking for a grain mill which can produce ultra fine flour then the Wolfgang is an excellent choice. Thanks to its powerful industrial motor and the stone grinder design the flour is smooth and very fine.

Creates flour fast – This mill can produce flour very fast, with a processing power of 3.5 ounces of grain per minute. While having your flour ready so quickly is a great, you need to be aware that you have your container ready as soon as you put your grains in at the top. The flour produced comes out in significant volume almost instantly.

Beautiful aesthetics – Some grain mills while functional are so unattractive that you want to put them away as soon as you have finished using them. In contrast the Wolfgang looks like a piece of art with its very attractive beech cabinet and tasteful design. This is a grain mill that you will be happy to display on your countertop.

Negative Reviews

Negative Tribest Wolfgang KM-001 Grain Mill reviews are very scarce. Most people love everything about the grain mill. The few that have a few issues aren’t impressed with the looks. Although most people love the Wolfgang KM 001 Grain Mill’s wooden housing, there are some people who claim the housing isn’t ideal for kitchens which don’t have wooden inspired themes. This con is hardly an issue given the fact that wood matches with almost any kind of theme. Considering most grain mills aren’t ideal for kitchen countertops, the Tribest Wolfgang KM-001 Grain Mill deserves a lot of credit.

Some customers also find the grain mill a bit costly. It is important to note that the Tribest KM may appear pricey although this isn’t the case. When you consider the cost of the best grain mills in the market today plus the cost of an elegant wooden housing, the Wolfgang KM-001 Grain Mill isn’t expensive at all. The grain mill is in fact cheaper when you consider superior features and overwhelming customer reviews which are a testament for high quality. And with the Wolfgang grain mill you are getting a beautifully designed mill which produces the smoothest flours.


The Tribest Wolfgang KM 001Grain Mill can easily qualify as one of the best grain mills for kitchen countertops given the grain mill’s elegant wooden housing. When you consider other factors such as the grain mills’ superior industrial motor, superior grinding mechanisms and versatility among many other things i.e. the overwhelming number of positive reviews online, it’s clear that the Tribest Wolfgang KM 001Grain Mill is a strong buy. This mill will not disappoint!

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