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What Kind Of Flour Do I Use In My Bread Machine?

There are many types of flour available on the market, and you can opt for wheat free or gluten free bread if you are intolerant to gluten. Generally speaking, bread machines come with variable settings depending on the type of bread you will prepare.

Breadmaker Flour

All-purpose flour is certainly a great choice for bread machines, as you can prepare a wealth of different white breads, homemade egg breads as well as french toast bread.

Despite the fact that all-purpose flour is suitable for bread machines, it contains less gluten than special bread flour which is commonly used to make the bread chewy. If you aim to make a delicious cheese-based bread, then it is highly recommended to choose special bread machine flour otherwise regular flour will not be able to hold the extra ingredients together and the bread will crumb and dry a lot faster.In addition to the high content of gluten, bread flour also has more healthy proteins than regular flour and this is particularly useful for those who want to gain muscle.

As mentioned above, the type you should use is directly connected to the type of bread you plan to create – all-purpose is a great choice for rolls, pies, cakes and pastries, but if you want to cook a delicious, puffy rye bread or whole wheat bread then you should opt for special bread flour. The users manual will provide detailed information on the type of flour you are advised to use in your bread machine.

The bottom line is that the gluten and protein content is what makes the difference between regular, all purpose flour and special flour for the bread machine. The first type combines soft wheat with hard wheat, while the latter relies exclusively on hard wheat, thus the high gluten content that is perfect for the more “exquisite” types of bread that contain ingredients than just the basic water and salt. AP flour is more versatile than bread flour which, like the name implies, is exclusively created for making bread – no matter if you make it manually or in the bread machine.