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Whole Wheat Bread Baking Tips

Six Tips for Baking the Perfect Whole Wheat Bread

Thanks to your bread machine making the perfect whole wheat bread is easier than ever before. However there are still some tricks and techniques that can make the process go smoother. Here are our top six tips for baking whole wheat and multigrain breads in a bread machine:

Tip #1 Open Up and Take a Look

In order to make the perfect whole wheat bread you need to be able to assess its progress. That means opening up the lid and taking a look inside. As the dough kneads feel free to give it a poke in order to assess its current condition and make adjustments. However once the dough begins to rise you should refrain from poking the dough.

Tip #2 Consider the Ambient Temperature

If the room temperature of your kitchen is quite cool then you may need to leave your bread in the machine beyond the allotted time. If the kitchen is particularly cold you might even have to move the machine to another warmer room.

Tip #3 Add Water If Dough Is Too Dry

When you check on your dough you might notice that it is too dry and shaped like a ball. Often you will be able to tell this due to the slapping sound it makes as it knocks against the sides. If you notice that this has occurred you should add water to the mix using a tablespoon.

Tip #4 Consider Using Bread Machine Yeast

If you are using regular yeast you may need to dissolve it before mixing it in with the other ingredients. If you use bread machine yeast instead you will be able to avoid this step and save yourself time.

Tip #5 Watch Your Dough As It Rises

In order to correct any problems with your bread making you need to know what has already occurred. If you have not added enough yeast to the mix then your dough may fail to rise altogether. If you have added too much yeast to the mix then your dough may rise and then fall again. If you aren’t watching it closely you want know how to fix your recipe next time.

Tip #6 Use the Recipes Which Come With The Machine

One of the most common problems that beginners experience is that there tried and tested bread recipes fail when it comes to their bread making machine. Traditional recipes will often fail with a bread making machine. Instead use the recipes provided as they are perfect for the machine you have purchased.


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