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WonderMill Grain Mill Review

When you talk about a grain mill, you would want to have a machine that does the work for you, effortlessly. And with WonderMill Grain Mill, you would have that advantage to yourself.

Online customer reviews strongly suggest that the WonderMill Grain Mill lives up to its name. According to Amazon, the grain mill has a strong rating after being reviewed by people who have bought the mill. Furthermore, the grain mill has outstanding features foreign to some superior grain mills. The grain mill has also been praised as one of the cleanest and most quiet electric grain mills on the market.

Powered by the quality motors of LG Electronics, it simply does all the grain milling work fast, quite and clean. The motor on the Wondermill Grain Mill is simply no match against its competitors.

To discover more about the superior WonderMill Grain Mill features and much more, below is a detailed review highlighting the grain mill’s product details and positive features as well as what customers are saying, negative reviews and the final verdict.


Quiet & Easy To Use!

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Product Features

  1. Power features: The WonderMill Grain Mill has a powerful 120 volts, 1-3/4 HP high speed motor.
  2. Usability features: The grain mill is described as the cleanest, quietest and most usable grain mill. The WonderMill also has a flour receiver and convenient storage canister that makes it easy to collect and store flour.
  3. Design features: The grain mill features a maintenance & trouble free design i.e. no jamming, gumming or glazing. The WonderMill has also been specially designed to prevent overheating even at high speeds.
  4. Standards: The WonderMill is one of the few grain mills that has passed stringent testing requirements required for CSA, CE and UL certification.
  5. Warranty: Lifetime warranty.
  6. Product weight/dimensions: The WonderMill weighs 10.4 pounds and measures 20 by 10 by 15 inches.

User Friendly

WonderMill Grain Mill does all of your grinding work in simple steps. Simply fill the canister or the hopper with grain and in a few minutes, flour will come out of the other end. With WonderMill, there are no complex parts or areas that you need to be able to master to achieve your goal. The plug and play characteristic of this grain mill is simply the best out there.


WonderMill is also known for its versatility. Not only does it grind grain for your bakery needs, it can also grind other food ingredients like black beans, brown rice, chicken feed, dried ginger root, mung beans, onion flakes, popcorn kernels, chili peppers, soy beans, split peas, white rice, yellow field corn and a lot of other grains and seeds out there. This means that you don’t have to buy another grinding machine to do some other work for you, the WonderMill is all you need.

Continuing Improvement

Unlike any other brands out there, the people behind WonderMill has not stopped with the first finished product they have, through the years it’s been out in the market, several improvements have been introduced to further improve the usability of the product. This would mean that in the years to come, your WonderMill Grain Mill will have a large array of functionality that it can offer you and with the greatest customer service staff, you will surely have your questions about the WonderMill Grain Mill and its improvements and upgrades answered.

Negative Reviews

WonderMill owners don’t have any serious negative comments about the mill. There are however a few negative reviews some of them touching on price. Some customers find the WonderMill a bit pricey. When you compare the price of the WonderMill with similar grain mills in the market, the grain mill is in fact cheaper. Considering the grain mill has unmatched features and a lifetime warranty, the price is undoubtedly reasonable. Some customers also find the grain mill a bit bulky. For a grain mill that is capable of making 100 pounds of flour per hour, the WonderMill is nowhere near bulky at 20 by 10 by 15 inches in dimensions.

What Customers Are Saying

The WonderMill boasts of having countless positive online reviews. Most of the positive reviews praise the grain mill for making the finest or coarse flour at favorable temperatures that allow maximum preservation of nutrients. Unlike most electric grain mills, the WonderMill doesn’t overheat. Many people love the fact that they can mill their favorite grains without compromising the nutrient content.

There are also many positive reviews praising the WonderMill for being unbelievably fast and quiet at the same time. The grain mill is praised for milling at record speeds silently thanks to its superior motor and construction designed for silence. Unlike most grain mills, the WonderMill is unbelievably quiet. Many customers also love the fact that the WonderMill grain mill is easy to use thanks to its canister that acts as a flour collection and storage point. Once you load the grains, that’s it!

Many WonderMill grain mill owners also love the mill’s versatility. According to many reviews, you can mill any type of grain you want to produce coarse or fine flour. You can also grind legumes with the mill. The WonderMill has also been praised for having an unmatched capacity. According to many reviews, you can grind approximately 100 pounds of flour per hour comfortably with the WonderMill.

Many people also love the fact that the grain mill is one of the few electric mills that has passed strict CSA, CE and UL standards which is a strong indication that the mill was made following the highest standards possible.


When you talk about the reputation of a great product, it’s best to hear from the people who had extensive experience on the matter and have tried the actual product for themselves. WonderMill Grain Mill had been used by numerous experts around like world and they too have testified on how great and efficient WonderMill has been. Not only experts but a large number of consumers who have tried this product also had some positive feedback about it as well.

The WonderMill grain review above highlights why the WonderMill grain mill is one of the best in the market today. Going by the positive customer reviews alone, the WonderMill is a strong buy. When you consider other things i.e. the grain mill’s lifetime warranty, exceptional flour quality produced, powerful motor that doesn’t overheat, high standards among many other factors, there is no doubt why the WonderMill grain mill is a strong buy.

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